What is it?

These 90-minute sessions are focused on bringing schools together with people in creative careers in a meaningful and accessible way. Live steaming from Chelmsford Theatre, our four speakers will talk about their journey to their career, give advice on qualifications and experience and share more information about their field.

After all our speakers have shared, we will turn to questions from your students. Using previously submitted questions and YouTube comments during the session, our compare will select a range of questions to pose to the panel. 

Our aim is to promote the endless possibilities of creative careers in the most convenient way possible. We recommend these sessions for all secondary age groups.  

Who will my students get to hear from?

On 22 October we will be joined by Marc De’ath, Culture Services Manager at Chelmsford City Council, Mike Dodsworth, a freelance storyteller, Orit Sutton, Artistic Director at Let’s All Dance Ballet Company and a technician from Chelmsford Theatre. In future sessions, we will hear from game designers, authors, professional performers, and more.

How much will it cost?

£100 per school with no limit on how many classes or students you want to involve. You will also receive some activities you can do with students before and after the session. We can also offer a discount rate if you would like to book all three of our creative career Q&As this school year.

What do we need to do to prepare?

We suggest you take some time to use some of our pre session activities, which can be done in form time or as a starter to a lesson. We would love to hear some questions from students before the session. Please feel free to submit as many questions as you like before the session. We cannot promise to use all of them, but we will ensure every school has at least one question submitted to the panel. Please ensure that IT has given permission for the link to be accessed via your school’s network.

How can we book?

To enquire, get more information or to book your schools place, simply email the theatres creative engagement officer on outreach.theatre@chelmsford.gov.uk