The Illegal Eagles

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The Illegal Eagles

The Illegal Eagles

The Illegal Eagles return to Chelmsford Theatre.

Celebrating over half a century since the formation of legendary West Coast county rock band The Eagles in 1971, The Illegal Eagles make a welcome return with a brand new production, promising more of their trademark musical prowess, acute attention to detail and memorable showmanship.

Featuring the very best from the Eagles’ catalogue of classics including Hotel California, Desperado, Take It Easy, New Kid in Town, Life in the Fast Lane and many more.

The latest line-up of the show, produced as ever by Phil Aldridge, features Tony Kiley on drums, Trevor Newnham on vocals and bass, Greg Webb on vocals and guitar, Mike Baker on vocals guitar, and keys and Gareth Hicklin on vocals, guitar and keys.

Gareth, Greg, Trevor, Tony and Mike effortlessly capture the vocal style and delivery of Henley, Walsh, Fry, Schmidt and Meisner and are all masters of their respective instruments.

Tight harmonies and acute attention to detail are synonymous with The Illegal Eagles, now in their 24th year on the road.